TwinkL the Tooth Fairy Program

Who We Are

At Pediatric Dental Specialists, our doctors are Board Certified Pediatric Dentists trained in the unique needs of children’s Oral Health. Our office has been known for providing excellent dental care to thousands of children on the Western Slope for over ten years. We devote our time to improving the lives of children through positive dental visits as well as educating children through our Tooth Fairy Program.

What We Do

“TwinkL the Tooth Fairy” visits children around the Grand Valley and teaches them about Oral Health. This is a completely free presentation as we enjoy donating our time and giving back to our community. TwinkL’s presentation encourages children with verbal and visual aids while teaching them about their teeth at an age-appropriate level. She covers topics such as proper brushing and flossing, healthy snacks and goes over what to expect during a dental visit at our office. TwinkL provides every child with a free goodie- bag that includes everything needed to begin healthy brushing habits along with some fun extras to keep up the excitement!

What You Should Know

Since these presentations are 100% free, our lovely Tooth Fairy stays very busy! With that, TwinkL visits classes Pre-K through Second Grade. Ideally, TwinkL will present to multiple classes at a time to maximize the amount of children we are able to see in our Valley. For students Third Grade and older, please feel free to ask about our “Totally Gross Presentation.” This particular presentation will captivate and educate older students through the gross reality of what can happen when Oral Health is ignored. It will totally gross out older students in the best way possible!

Doctors: Jeremy Cox, Dan Beck,
Kristina Rogers & Michele Lacy